Racing Classes and Info


250cc International Gary Pegoraro (Vic) 1.06.42 (19/5/13)
125cc Gearbox Daniel Price (SA) 1.14.85 (14/10/12)
125cc Stock Honda Jim Gorman (SA) 1.15.0488 (18/11/18)
125cc ROTAX Light Jim Gorman (SA) 1.18.9910 (18/11/2018)
125cc ROTAX Heavy Brandon Stillwell (SA) 1.20.24 (24/6/2018)
125cc ROTAX Junior Anthony Rugolo (SA) 1.20.97 (29/7/12)

The above lap record have been established from 29/7/12 onwards.
Previous lap records were made 'historic' on 30/6/12.
The 'historic' records are printed in the Adelaide Superkart Club Records book or are available on request from the ASC Club Secretary


125cc Max Junior & Senior Light, Senior Heavy

125cc Rotax "Max". The 125cc Rotax Max powered kart is restricted, guaranteeing every competitor an equal chance. The 125 Rotax does not have a gearbox but utilises a centrifugal clutch, is water-cooled and has a starter motor.
Top speed is around 145kph, and the rules restrict engine modifications and components to 'as standard', and the karts must use a longer life tyre.
The purpose built Rotax motor pumps out about 30hp but is not stressed (in racing terms), and requires a minor overhaul (piston and ring) at 25hrs racing and a major overhaul at about 50 hours. It is the most affordable form of Superkarting and provides heaps of fun and great racing for the young and not so young. No pit crew is required (but they are always welcome) and most of our Max drivers can unload their karts from their trailers unaided. They then top up the fuel, check the tyres, oil the chain, jump in the seat, hit the starter button..... and GO HAVE FUN!
There are 3 official classes, 125 Max Junior for 12 - 15 year olds and 125 Max Senior Light and Heavy for drivers over 16 years.


125cc STOCK Honda Gearbox Class

The Stock Honda Class uses a CR125 Honda motocross engine on a 4 wheel braked sprint chassis. Chassis type, bodywork and all engine accessories are tightly controlled to minimize the overall cost associated with racing. For the budget concious racer that wants to run a gearbox kart, this class provides a lot of fun and excitement 'out of the box' without the need for costly ongoing development.  Top Speed: 180 - 200kph.

                                     250cc International Gear Box
These awesome machines are the Formula One's of Karting and are the Ultimate Motor Racing Thrill. Twin cylinder engines, a top speed in excess of 250kph, with lap times as fast as the V8 Supercars, GP250 and Super Bikes!
A variety of engines are used, and these powerful karts have extensive bodywork to assist with aerodynamics and provide a very fast and exhilarating form of motor racing.